Turkish Citrus in Hong Kong

An investigation trip was organized to Hong Kong between 31 August-4 September to assess potential market possibilities and meet importer companies. Under Ali Kavak presidency, as Citrus Promotion Grup and Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Union Management Board Chairman, several members of the Citrus Promotion Group, namely Nejdat Sin, Latif Ünal and some Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Union Management Board members, namely Mehmet Soylu, Ferhat Gürüz and Oğuzhan Altun participated to the trip.

Hong Kong, besides hosting a growing number of tourists every year (48.6 million in 2012) also receives a great number of visitors because it is an important centre for international logistics, trade, financial, fair and conventions. Apart from it, it owns a free port with main large companies having offices there, showing a re-export trade number far higher than GDP, constituting a big food market with opening door to Republic of China, Macau and other Asiatic markets. The investigation trip to Hong Kong begins with a visit to the office of our Commercial Attaché in Hong Kong, Mr. Şükran Öğün, who makes us a briefing with a detailed and impressive presentation of the fresh produce market in Hong Kong, allowing us to profit of the experience and information acquired by him in the said sector. Through its participation with an info stand to Asia Fruit Logistica, held between 3-5 September, the Citrus Promotion Group found the occasion to meet importer companies.

Having as objective to take an active part in Hong Kong fresh fruit and vegetable sector, whose fresh fruit and vegetable importation amounts a total of 2.1 million USD$ in 2012, it is foreseen to announce to the members a participation at Asia Fruit Logistica 2015 as a national organisation level, if companies asked for their participation. 6.536 visitors and 372 exhibitors participated at the fair held for the 8th time in 2013.